Cilcain Community Shop Coronavirus Precautions

The Cilcain Community Shop Management Committee are 100% committed to the Shop serving our community for as long as it is possible and safe to do so in these difficult times.

With this aim in mind, we have decided to close our café function with immediate effect (Monday 16thMarch), and focus the efforts on maintaining the current shop opening hours.

As a volunteer run enterprise, we are reliant on the health and well-being of these volunteers for our future.

We therefore request anyone who is willing and able to step in and cover shifts for our more vulnerable people to please pop in to the Shop, or call on 01352 741354.

We will only require help with behind the counter tasks, and on the job training will be provided.

If you are self-isolating, or you know of someone who is, please call the shop between 8am and 9.30am and your order can be prepared for you.

If you have friends or family able to collect your order, we will attach the receipt and request payment at a later time.

If you are in need of delivery (or know someone who is) again, please call the shop at these hours, and we will arrange for a drop off at your home.

Again, payment can be arranged at a later date. We are committed to keeping the community as safe as possible, so will not accept cash for these deliveries.

Anyone delivering an order will wear gloves, and will leave the items in a pre-arranged drop-off point.

If anyone is able to help with the delivery rota, please contact the shop.

We appreciate everyone’s help in these difficult times.

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